Stan & Dawn

How did you meet?

We were babies when we met on the Campus of Lincoln Christian University. Stan remembers telling a friend after he saw Dawn working in the cafeteria washing dishes that he was, “going to marry that girl.” We dated for three years as students at that great school. We both travelled for the school representing LCU in different capacities and were very active in the student body life. That’s the backdrop for our dating years. Stan “popped the question” during Christmas Break of Dawn’s senior year. Dawn graduated one Saturday in May. We were married the following Saturday and got back from our honeymoon the next Saturday. By the following Saturday, we had moved into our first apartment in Las Vegas and were starting our ministry and our life together there at Central Christian Church. (If our kids are reading this, we were way too young to get married!) Our married life started as a whirlwind and from that day until now, raising 5 teenagers, it doesn’t feel as if it ever slowed down. But now, almost 24 years later, we look back with great fondness on that grand adventure!

Stan’s Summary of Dawn:

From the first time I met Dawn, I knew I wanted to marry her! From the first time you meet her, I suspect you’ll fall in love with her, as well. The Bible describes my role in our home as, “the head of the household.” (Ephesians 5:23) But, if I’m the head, Dawn is “the neck.” When the neck flexes, the head feels it! Seriously, our house NEEDS Dawn for life to happen around here. She’s a Proverbs 31 kind of gal. Our 5 kids and I are blessed in huge ways to have her! Dawn loves fiercely. She leads boldly. She has a strong trigger against injustice. I like to describe her as “having zest for life!” She models Christ-like love well. I can’t wait for our new church family to get to know her!

Dawn’s Summary of Stan:

Stan is the most steady, faithful, adventurous, moral person I know. There is nothing the man won’t try. There is no adventure he will not embark on. There is no person he will not befriend. There is no food he won’t eat (which is a bonus for me...cause I am not a good cook). He embraces adventure and craves learning new things. Stan is also a man who is faithful to God and His church. We have lived and moved in churches our entire lives and I can tell you that sometimes his deep love for God’s church brings me to my knees. He is a man who makes the morally right choice every time. I’ve had a front row seat to his life for 23+ years now and I have yet to see him make an intentional wrong choice. Just to be clear, I am only talking about his moral choices here...there are plenty of times I can tell you about where he chose NOT to put his dishes up after supper, or he chose to go hunting instead of go shopping with his wife. He IS pretty amazing...but he isn’t perfect.